Democrats launch literal scavenger hunt for GOP Obamacare repeal bill
- March 04, 2017

However, Paul ultimately learned that the draft legislation is being hidden in a "secure location" and was denied the chance to make a copy of it, he said in his statement . The HHS report was prepared at the request of Rep. Richard Neal, D-Mass., the ranking member on the House Ways and Means Committee. To replace these elements of the ACA, the Republican bill, according to the leaked drafts, would create a new tax on employees for the value of top employer health benefits. (more...)
Seven Baltimore Cops Indicted on Federal Racketeering Charges Seven Baltimore Cops Indicted on Federal Racketeering Charges
- March 03, 2017

In an attempt to cover their tracks, the officers allegedly turned off their body cams and submitted false incident reports and arrest reports to hide the money, property, and drugs they stole. In one instance, Officer Momodu Gondo was recorded telling fellow detective Jemell Rayam he had switched off his body camera before hitting a cellphone out of a woman's hand. (more...)
EU Could Reintroduce Visa Requirements For US Citizens
- March 03, 2017

A European Parliament statement said the EU Commission was legally obliged to temporarily reintroduce the new visa rules because of its reciprocity policy. "If the European Commission does not impose visas for Americans within two months, we will start a case in court for inaction". The Parliament has particularly taken issue with the fact that there is no reciprocity from the US. (more...)
Child dies after being left in hot auto by half-sister Child dies after being left in hot auto by half-sister
- March 03, 2017

Little Jacob was then rushed to the hospital, where he later died. Joseph Manchego was left behind in his half-sister's vehicle for several hours, after she drove to work at "BFF Kidz Child Care Center", a daycare in Brandon. They were still trying to track down the child's parents. The investigation into Jacob's death is ongoing, the sheriff's office said. Their 21-year-old daughter is the one who forgot the little boy and could face charges. (more...)
Endymion crash suspect facing additional charges
- March 02, 2017

Rizzuto lives in Paradis, La.in St. Charles Parish. Instead of stopping, the truck's driver then struck a parked pickup truck a few feet further toward Orleans Avenue, pushing the vehicle several feet into a man with a stroller, Tracy Shields said. (more...)
Boehner: Republicans Won't Pass Obamacare's Repeal and Replace
- February 27, 2017

HHS Secretary Tom Price wants the subsidies to be even less generous for most age groups than Republicans' plan now proposes, Politico notes. They have a lot at stake as Medicaid is one of the largest sources of federal funds for states. (more...)
Dozens of Headstones Broken at Philadelphia Jewish Cemetery Dozens of Headstones Broken at Philadelphia Jewish Cemetery
- February 27, 2017

Police did not say whether they had any suspects in the case or whether they knew of a motive. "Now." This is the first time Israel has issued such a statement since U.S. Foreign Ministry Spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon condemned the incident, writing on Twitter that the " Philadelphia Jewish cemetery desecration is shocking and a source of worry". (more...)
Ruth Bader Ginsburg: US 'not experiencing the best of times'
- February 26, 2017

Separately, in an interview with the U.K.'s BBC Television, Ginsburg said the USA isn't "experiencing the best of times". The 83-year-old also commented on the impact of the women's march in Washington, which sparked marches across the country and some overseas on the day after Trump's inauguration, according to CBS News . (more...)
Man arrested in connection with 2005 disappearance of Georgia high school teacher
- February 24, 2017

Ryan Alexander Duke, a former student of the Georgia high school where the woman taught, was arrested and charged with murder Wednesday, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said today in a press conference. However, a GBI statement of the case says, "The search for Grinstead's remains continues". The release said the GBI's standing policy requires all investigative case files, including unsolved cases, to be reviewed several times each year. (more...)
Woman saves officer by jumping on suspect's back during struggle Woman saves officer by jumping on suspect's back during struggle
- February 23, 2017

The officer saw drug paraphernalia inside the auto of 28-year-old suspect Thomas Bennett during a traffic stop, per police. 'I could see in [the officer's] eyes he needed help, ' said Williams-Tillman. "Vickie Williams-Tillman epitomizes the true Good Samaritan". Seeing the scuffle unfold, Williams-Tillman initially pulled up alongside the police officer, rolled down the window, and asked if he needed help. (more...)
Trump's Enemies: Cancel Presidents Day 'For the Next Four Years'!
- February 23, 2017

General George Washington (1732 - 1799) stands in the prow of a rowing boat crossing the DE to seek safety in Pennysylvania after defeat by the British. Still, the federal holiday is, and has always been Washington's Birthday. About a half-dozen states recognize it as a holiday. Washington is still strongly admired to this very day for all the precedent set during his presidency, most notably, walking away from the position of power after only two terms. (more...)
Police Officer Dies Helping Man In Traffic Accident
- February 22, 2017

He was in the intensive care unit of the hospital, Corina said. The slain officer's body was escorted via motorcade from UC Irvine Medical Center to the Orange County Coroner's Office in Santa Ana. And especially for the family and friends of Officer Keith Boyer, who was shot to death Monday. It was unclear if Mejia's releases were related to any of the measures. (more...)
Police detain shooter near California zoo; many shots fired Police detain shooter near California zoo; many shots fired
- February 20, 2017

Police shut down the I-580 offramp to Golf Links Road next to the Oakland Zoo because of the shooter, said zoo spokeswoman Erin Harrison. Video footage showed him spraying cars with a spray paint can, and pointing a rifle out a window. KPIX-TV reported that he also spray-painted eyes on a garage door and fired shots toward a fence and helicopter. In a statement, Oakland police officer Johnna Watson said: 'This is extremely concerning for the Oakland police Department. (more...)
More Rain In Store After 2 Killed In California Storms More Rain In Store After 2 Killed In California Storms
- February 20, 2017

A large 20-foot-deep sinkhole that swallowed two vehicles in North Laurel Canyon Blvd, in Los Angeles , is cordoned-off on February 18, 2017 , after a powerful storm hit southern California. The wettest location so far in the state is the San Marcos Pass in Santa Barbara County, with 5.28 inches of rain in the same time frame. "The storm looks to be the strongest storm to hit southwest California this season", the National Weather Service office for the Los Angeles region wrote. (more...)
Trump Cabinet Confirmations: Scott Pruitt confirmed as EPA administrator
- February 19, 2017

A friend of the fossil fuel industry and a skeptic of climate change , choosing Pruitt to head an environmental agency is perhaps one of the most cynical appointments Trump has made. In the story, titled "Energy Firms in Secretive Alliance with Attorneys General", the New York Times found that Pruitt's hard fights against the EPA were usually thanks, nearly entirely, to the fossil fuel companies he worked for. (more...)
ICE detained undocumented woman in Texas after she reported her abusive partner ICE detained undocumented woman in Texas after she reported her abusive partner
- February 18, 2017

The ICE agents acted on a tip off, possibly from Ms Gonzalez's alleged abuser, County Attorney Jo Anne Bernal told the El Paso Times . "It has an incredible chilling effect for all undocumented victims of any crime in our community". He had been detained by ICE earlier that week. O'Rourke could not be reached for comment Thursday, but in a Facebook post , he said that "everyone regardless of immigration status should be able to report domestic abuse and seek protection without fear ... (more...)
SC's Mulvaney Wins Vote to Be Trump's Budget Director
- February 17, 2017

McCain noted that while President Donald Trump has expressed a desire to rebuild the military, Mulvaney , a congressman from SC has repeatedly sought to cut military funding. He said that "he's never been a friend of the Appropriations Committee". "I'm curious to see how (he) approaches this from OMB", Duncan said during the same lunch as Amash. (more...)
Chicago gun violence: Toddler dies after being shot while riding in vehicle
- February 16, 2017

The woman was described by police as the boy's aunt, and the man's girlfriend. The woman, who was pregnant, was listed in fair condition after the shooting. "Yes, you can", a woman said. Authorities have not released his name or the circumstances of the shooting. "I am the aunt of The latest Most Precious Innocent Undeserving Future I Have a Dream writer, Entrepreneur, Inventor, Activist, Leader, guaranteed succeeder, paw patrol loving just started walking, talking victim of Chicago's ... (more...)
Fire In Disneyland Parking Structure Injures Seven And Destroys Four Cars
- February 15, 2017

Madison Napoli was leaving the Mickey and Friends auto park at the time of the incident. Four cars were deemed a total loss and four others were damaged in the fire. "It's more of a nuisance than anything", Darren Clark, whose family of four couldn't get to their auto because of the shutdown, told KNBC-TV. The parking structure has floors named after Disney characters and provides about 10,000 parking spaces. (more...)
$30K bounty set for capture of Peru's ex-President Toledo
- February 13, 2017

Some Peruvians have speculated that Toledo might have traveled to Israel, where his longtime friend, Israeli businessman Yosef Maiman, is believed to live. Peru has been informed by United States authorities that they are not planning to keep former Peru President Alejandro Toledo, from boarding a flight to Israel from California on Sunday, a source in Peru's Interior Ministry told Reuters. (more...)
Yale Drops 'White Supremacist' Name From College, Honors Female Scientist Instead Yale Drops 'White Supremacist' Name From College, Honors Female Scientist Instead
- February 13, 2017

Hopper earned Yale degrees in the 1930s and became a US Navy rear admiral. Instead, the former Calhoun College, an undergraduate resident college on the Ivy League campus, would be renamed after another distinguished Yale alumni and trailblazing computer scientist, Grace Murray Hopper , the university's publication Yale News reported. (more...)
Powerful winter storm pounds Northeast US
- February 12, 2017

Schools in Boston will remain closed Friday, but the snow day vacation will end for students in New York City and Philadelphia. The National Weather Service said up to 11 inches fell in New York's Hudson Valley by noon, while areas around New York City and Long Island received 6 to 9 inches. (more...)
Protesters hit streets after claims of stepped-up immigration raids Protesters hit streets after claims of stepped-up immigration raids
- February 12, 2017

The American Civil Liberties Union began February 10 sharing on social media a list of actions for immigrants to take "if ICE agents show up at your door". Other immigration activists or lawyers in other cities have also expressed to the press that what's happened this week is of a level of intensity above normal. (more...)
7 things to know about New Jersey's snowy Thursday 7 things to know about New Jersey's snowy Thursday
- February 10, 2017

This map from the National Weather Service shows the agency's updated snow projections for most of New Jersey on Thursday . A wide swath of the East Coast, from eastern Pennsylvania through New Jersey and north to the ME coast, was under a winter weather warning, the National Weather Service said. (more...)
Secretary John Kelly: I Should Have Delayed Travel Ban Rollout Secretary John Kelly: I Should Have Delayed Travel Ban Rollout
- February 08, 2017

It temporarily barred people carrying visas from Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Iran, Iraq and Yemen from entering the United States out of terrorism concerns. Trump has expressed skepticism about the intelligence community's conclusion that Russian Federation intervened in the election to undermine US democracy and damage his opponent, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary ClintonHillary Rodham ClintonCandidate for Va. (more...)
This Super Bowl Loss Hurts, But There Is Hope Up I-85 This Super Bowl Loss Hurts, But There Is Hope Up I-85
- February 08, 2017

Claim: Tom Brady flashed his middle finger while being presented with the 2017 Super Bowl MVP trophy. Final viewership totals are expected later on Monday. It was the second time in two years Quinn has tasted an agonizing Super Bowl defeat to the Patriots. "I told you we were going to bring this sucker home". (more...)
Chuck Schumer Has 'Serious, Serious' Doubts About Neil Gorsuch After Meeting
- February 08, 2017

Supreme Court, Judge Neil Gorsuch. Schumer also asked for Gorsuch's opinions on whether Trump's comments on voter fraud undermine democracy and what the framers intended with the Constitution's anti-bribery "Emoluments Clause", which bans presidents from receiving gifts from foreign leaders. (more...)
Violent Protests Break Out on NYU Campus Over Gavin McInnes Seminar
- February 04, 2017

McInnes was also caught up in the protests, telling those inside Kimmel Student Center that he had been pepper sprayed on the way in. When a man wearing one of President Donald Trump's signature red "Make America Great Again" hats tried to walk through the crowd, some of the protesters grabbed the hat from his head, pushed him and punched him at least once before he managed to make it into the building. (more...)
Explosion at California Cheesecake Factory leaves questions Explosion at California Cheesecake Factory leaves questions
- February 04, 2017

A homemade incendiary device thrown into a crowded California restaurant at dinnertime was a "glorified firecracker" that didn't appear to be made to injure anyone, a police spokesman said Friday. He wore all black clothing and a black beanie. His motive is now unknown. Police responded after receiving a report of an "explosion". The restaurant, which was open Friday morning, is equipped with several security cameras. (more...)
Soldier shoots knife attacker near Louvre in Paris: police sources Soldier shoots knife attacker near Louvre in Paris: police sources
- February 04, 2017

One of them shot him at least three times, hitting him in the stomach. One soldier was "lightly injured" and has been taken to hospital, while the attacker is in serious condition but still alive, security forces said . The head of Paris police, Michel Cadot said the assailant was "clearly aggressive and represented a direct threat". A second person was detained after they were spotted behaving suspiciously near the scene, the police chief said. (more...)