OpenAI Bot Triumphant Playing Dota 2 OpenAI Bot Triumphant Playing Dota 2
- August 13, 2017

As its Chairman Elon Musk had tweeted, competitive e-Sports are more complex than traditional board games like Chess & Go. In the full 5v5 game, there are thousands more variables than in the stripped-down version - so Musk's quick cry of victory is obfuscating the actual achievement a bit. (more...)
Vive's first standalone VR headset aimed at China Vive's first standalone VR headset aimed at China
- July 30, 2017

Rumors have abounded over HTC's standalone headset since it was originally teased by the company earlier this year and so far all we've really seen is a silhouette. The company didn't say when the standalone headset would launch in China. Fast forward to July 2017 and HTC has announced a standalone VR headset in China, suggesting that the standalone HTC Vive VR headset will be making its debut in the United Kingdom sooner rather than later. (more...)
UNL offering students chance to see eclipse UNL offering students chance to see eclipse
- July 29, 2017

A narrow band of the lower 48 from OR to SC will have the opportunity to see a total eclipse. The next time we'll see one is 2024. "We believe strongly in making the most of this rare astronomical event, in the realms of the general public, education, and creating meaningful long-lasting partnerships". (more...)
Microsoft Willing to Pay Up to $250000 for Windows Security Bugs Microsoft Willing to Pay Up to $250000 for Windows Security Bugs
- July 27, 2017

The Windows Bounty Program , however, encompasses Windows 10 and even the Windows Insider Preview , the company's program for testing Windows 10 preview builds. So has Windows, but in a limited capacity, as Microsoft always decided what Windows features researchers could probe, and for what amount of time. For those interested in the largest bounty of $250,000, the only option is the Hyper-V program though users will be able to look for bugs in Windows 10, Windows Server 2012, Windows ... (more...)
Final SeaWorld killer-whale calf dies in Texas Final SeaWorld killer-whale calf dies in Texas
- July 26, 2017

Three-month-old Kyara , the last baby killer whale born at the orca-filled panopticon known as SeaWorld , has died from what park officials believe to be pneumonia. In an 840-word statement posted on its SeaWorldCares site, the Orlando-based company said Kyara was being treated for an infection. Tilikum died in January. (more...)
Thrones' cast talk love as new trailer drops
- July 24, 2017

Game of Thrones had its season seven debut this past Sunday, but there are still six episodes to go. In its official description for " Stormborn ", HBO wrote that "Deanerys (Emilia Clarke) receives an unexpected visitor". As punishment, Jon sent her away, and it looks like she's returned to her old stomping ground Dragonstone. Now that Daenerys has claimed the castle in the first episode of Season 7, Melisandre's penchant for prophecy has a new target. (more...)
DOOM 6.66 Patch: Everything You Need to Know DOOM 6.66 Patch: Everything You Need to Know
- July 20, 2017

Now, instead of unlocking new content through random loot drops, you'll have to fulfill certain level requirements and in-game challenges, just as you powered up your guns in single-player by fulfilling such tasks. The next Doom update is straight from the bowels of Hell, if Hell is in fact a place where you get loads of nice stuff for free. To finish it all off, Bethesda will also be hosting a Doom free weekend beginning July 20 on the Xbox One and PC, with a PlayStation 4 free ... (more...)
Nigeria postpones decision to join OPEC cuts Nigeria postpones decision to join OPEC cuts
- July 14, 2017

Prices slumped upon opening but quickly recovered. According to Gary Ross, global head of oil at PIRA, while the United States will rank in the top ten oil exporters, it is unlikely it will either join OPEC or cut production in an effort to keep prices up, because it simply has no interest in doing so: it strengthens Donald Trump's political agenda of "energy dominance". (more...)
KFC is releasing a smartphone for fried chicken lovers KFC is releasing a smartphone for fried chicken lovers
- July 13, 2017

But you'll wanna hurry, as KFC and Huawei are only making 5,000 of these things. While the items online now are all limited edition, the brand also noted that they're planning further product rollouts and collaborations in the future. Puzzlingly this bright red KFC phone dubbed the Huawei 7 Plus doesn't seem to have much in common with the Y7, both in terms of design and specs which are a bit more advanced. (more...)
Follow our coverage of tonight's Home Run Derby Follow our coverage of tonight's Home Run Derby
- July 11, 2017

Moustakas also enters the derby on a hot streak, with 12 of his 25 home runs coming since the calendar flipped to June. Should a round be tied, a 60-second tiebreaker is held with no added time available. Should Judge advance, he would face either No. 3 seed Cody Bellinger (+500) of the Dodgers or No. 6 Charlie Blackmon (+2000) of the Rockies in the semifinals. (more...)
Kimbal Musk Sells 4690 Shares of Tesla Inc. (TSLA) Stock Kimbal Musk Sells 4690 Shares of Tesla Inc. (TSLA) Stock
- July 11, 2017

Despite the low price, the auto packs a number of the features you'd expect from a modern Tesla vehicle: a high battery range , an in-car entertainment system, and a suite of Autopilot sensors that will one day enable fully autonomous driving through a software update. (more...)
The ripple effect of the Avery Bradley-Marcus Morris trade The ripple effect of the Avery Bradley-Marcus Morris trade
- July 08, 2017

Losing the defense that Bradley provided could be tough for the coaching staff, though, as he is one of the best in the league at the position. At various times last season, Smart guarded point guards, shooting guards, small forwards and even big men like Anthony Davis, Kristaps Porzingis and Paul Millsap . (more...)
Andy Murray spotted struggling during Friday's practice
- July 02, 2017

He will have played just that match on grass when he begins his Wimbledon campaign on Monday. "We'll see what the weather is like", Lendl said Thursday, per the Daily Mail's Matt Dickson . ANDY MURRAY hobbled off the practice court deepening fears that he may pull out of Wimbledon. The world No1 continues to be frustrated by that lack of matches he has had on grass following his straightest loss to the Australian "lucky loser" Jordan Thompson at Queen's last week. (more...)
Number of people using Facebook reaches 2 billion
- June 28, 2017

Facebook past its prime? Facebook may be celebrating rounding the two billion user mark , but Mark Zuckerberg already has his eyes set on the company's next goal: using the social platform to bring a massively divided society back together. (more...)
Google Pixel XL 2 To Sport A 5.99-Inch Display Google Pixel XL 2 To Sport A 5.99-Inch Display
- June 27, 2017

Reports indicate that the Google Pixel 2 smartphone would come out with a 5 inched display, which would be the same as last years' phone. Interestingly enough, LG is said to provide the display panels for the Pixel 2 line, which aligns with reports of Google investing at least $880 for OLED screens. (more...)
Saudi Arabia announces Eid will begin on Sunday
- June 25, 2017

For most people it means strutting your stuff in your best or newest clothes, eating as much of the unbelievable food that has been prepared (burfee 3) and getting (or giving) Eidie. Preparations are already underway for August's Hajj, the world's largest pilgrimage, which sees Muslims from every corner of the globe travelling to Mecca. (more...)
ETMarkets After Hours: Nifty skids as profit taking hits auto, bank stocks ETMarkets After Hours: Nifty skids as profit taking hits auto, bank stocks
- June 24, 2017

The benchmark BSE Sensex was down 43 points or 0.14 percent at 31,247 while the broader Nifty index was down 28 points or 0.29 percent at 9,601. It swung 267.24 points during the session. The decline in both these indices was higher than the Sensex's decline in percentage terms. Meanwhile, Power Grid was the top gainer in Nifty, up 1.82 per cent followed by Vedanta, Aurobindo Pharma, Sun Pharma and ICICI Bank , which rose as much as 1.11 per cent. (more...)
Bells Ring For Whole Foods and Amazon Bells Ring For Whole Foods and Amazon
- June 22, 2017

Amazon is buying Whole Foods in a stunning move that gives it hundreds of stores across the United States, a brand-new laboratory for radical retail experiments that could revolutionise the way people buy groceries. "We're gonna become as customer-centric as Amazon", he said. But Short and others noted that even if Whole Foods gets an alternative offer, the other suitor will be hard-pressed to win a bidding war against Amazon, whose deep pockets include having a total stock-market value ... (more...)
Two areas to watch for tropical development
- June 20, 2017

The NHC said thunderstorm activity associated with the weather system "continues to show signs of organization, and additional development is likely during the next day or so". There is also another disturbance in the Atlantic Ocean the NHC is keeping tabs on. The hurricane season, which doesn't end till November 30, is expected to be rougher than usual, with 11 to 17 named storms likely to strike. (more...)
UAE calls for western monitoring of Qatar
- June 19, 2017

Qatar denied the accusations, calling the moves to diplomatically isolate it " unjustified ". According to "the New Arab", Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has now urged its counterparts in the Gulf to increase its severing of diplomatic ties with Qatar by increasing its boycott to Ankara until it halts its support for Qatar. (more...)
Comeback Cavs end Warriors perfect postseason in Game 4
- June 11, 2017

No team in National Basketball Association history has overcome a 3-0 deficit in The Finals. After blowing a 3-1 NBA Finals lead last season, Warriors All-Star Draymond Green didn't just get mad: he took action. Irving took a step-back jumper from the right wing - the same spot he hit his notorious game victor in Game 7 past year - with 26.5 seconds left and the Cavs down by one. (more...)
Star Wars Battlefront 2 gameplay unveiled, free DLC announced
- June 11, 2017

Often these microtransactions are focused on extra aesthetic options of in-game characters, but in some cases can include extra abilities or characters. Games like Dragon Age: Inquisition and Star Wars: Battlefront are a lot of fun so if you aren't an EA Access subscriber and want to try out the service, now's your chance! More details about the character were also revealed and it turns out that players will be playing as 3 different characters and each one will have their own unique ... (more...)
Cape Town storm kills 8 Cape Town storm kills 8
- June 09, 2017

Ten thousand people were evacuated from their homes as fires continued to ravage South Africa's Western Cape region today, fanned by a ferocious winter storm. The storm is expected to dump more than two inches (50 mm) of rain in some areas and trigger waves of up to 12 meters, the South African Weather Service said in warnings. (more...)
Israel's in love with its homegrown Wonder Woman Gal Gadot
- June 08, 2017

Wonder Woman had a $ 103 million opening in the USA and has since made $12 million more, bringing its domestic total to $115 million. Steve is so deep in the mythology that after some debate we found that just like Wonder Woman needs Steve, we needed Steve too. (more...)
Apple Watch will sync with your treadmill to share workout data
- June 07, 2017

The Siri face will deliver information to the user depending on what time it is and what events the user has lined up for the day. But integrating an NFC reader directly into a cardio machine is new, as is the ability to pair it with your watch with one tap. (more...)
LIGO detects gravitational waves for third time LIGO detects gravitational waves for third time
- June 02, 2017

A third gravitational wave has been detected by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory ( LIGO ) after the merging of two black holes galaxy three billion light-years away, scientists say. Stuart Shapiro, who works on computer simulations of gravitational waves at the University of IL at Urbana-Champaign, agrees. The collision was so violent that some of the black holes' mass, equivalent to twice the weight of the sun, was converted directly into energy in accordance with ... (more...)
Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ and LG's next flagship will soon be Daydream-ready
- May 18, 2017

Google also revealed today that it's working on standalone VR hardware that won't require a phone or computer to use. Google is working on standalone headsets with Lenovo Group Ltd. Google's Daydream platform offers reasonably sophisticated VR experiences with gyroscopic orientation tracking and a three-axis motion controller, but Daydream View doesn't offer a spatial tracking or spacial awareness system of any kind. (more...)
Sunny skies, hot temperatures expected through the midweek
- May 18, 2017

There is a 30 percent chance for rain, mostly after 5 p.m. There's a chance of precipitation in the evening, with rain likely after midnight. Forecasts for Friday and Saturday reveal a mixed bag of cloud, rain and sunny spells, with the risk of thunder and lightning likely for Northern Ireland, south and central England. (more...)
Playboy Model's Body-Shaming Case Is Going To Trial Playboy Model's Body-Shaming Case Is Going To Trial
- May 17, 2017

She added the caption, "If I can't unsee this then you can't either", while posing with her hand over her mouth as if shocked. According to New York Daily News , this line of argument rejected outright: "The court finds the statute is constitutional and not void for vagueness", Judge Gustavo Sztraicher ruled. (more...)
Motorola Announces the Moto C and C Plus, Starting at Around $100 Motorola Announces the Moto C and C Plus, Starting at Around $100
- May 16, 2017

The Moto G series comes next and the challenge here for Motorola will be to hold on to the huge legacy that its predecessors have left behind. Motorola will launch a new version of the Z series as the company's flagship line-up. About Moto C and Moto C Plus , the two devices have hit rumors earlier as well and both the devices are said to sport a 5-inch Display . From these images and specs, it appears that (like the Moto G5) the Moto X4 will have a metal body but will be a mid-range ... (more...)