Marie de Secret Story 5 « Je vais me refaire les seins » Public (photos/scans)

A peine remis d’une fausse couche, la blonde  chasser les idées noires en se faisant remonter le décolleté. Elle veut passer d’un 95C à un 100E !

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6 thoughts on “Marie de Secret Story 5 « Je vais me refaire les seins » Public (photos/scans)

  1. Marie je trouve que tu n’a pas besoin de cette nouvelle taille de bonnet car tu est déja très jolie

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  2. I am SO disappointed with this comic. Um Im in ceglole. and it IS a nonstop party I do know a bunch of losers who don’t go out because they can’t get into the bars or are just plain old socially awkward. and sororities are about a lot more than « paying for friends » I think only someone with idiotic preconceived notions would think that. I have plenty of friends at home and from all over campus, and I’m part of a sorority. It’s like a business organization that allows you to meet new people, get involved in the community and have all kinds of great opportunities. The amazing friends and sisters Ive made are just a wonderful bonus. Not to mention it looks great on a resume.

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