Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez: It's on! Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez: It's on!
- March 11, 2017

In any event, we'll likely soon have one of those cute combo names for our latest celebrity power couple: Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez . A Fox Sports executive offered Sports Illustrated's Richard Deitsch a glowing report of Rodriguez's dedication to his new craft, saying, "He is a true baseball nerd". (more...)
Logan Breaks Box Office Records Logan Breaks Box Office Records
- March 07, 2017

It has also claimed the third-biggest worldwide opening for the X-Men franchise after Deadpool ($264.7 million) and X-Men: Days of Future Past ($262.9 million). The "post-credits" sequence for Logan has been revealed - and it's all about the Merc with a Mouth. Mangold has even said that he's mulling converting the movie into black and white, telling one fan last week... (more...)
Remembering Fort Worth's Bill Paxton; Celebrating Black History In Texas
- March 03, 2017

Lowe revealed that he first became friends with Paxton based on his acting choice in the film The Dark Backward . If it was my mother's funeral, Bill's there. Say what you will about the ad, but it's a fitting tribute to a man who did so much with the time he had. Director Doug Liman in an interview with US Magazine revealed that the talented actor had been nervous about his surgery , but had assured Liman that he would be ready to reprise his role as Master Sergeant Farell. (more...)
Hugh Jackman is 'almost completely healed' from skin cancer treatment
- March 03, 2017

Episode 1 includes the Irishman who sold his company for €100million, Ray Nolan and how to fund your Oscar-nominated movie with Ed Guiney. Hugh obliged one and all, knowing that this was the last time he was walking as the iconic character, Wolverine . (more...)
Lorde Confirms New Album Lorde Confirms New Album "Melodrama", Releases Video For Lead Single "Green Light"
- March 03, 2017

The song is the first single off her forthcoming second album Melodrama . The comeback single, which she co-wrote and co-produced with Jack Antonoff, sees Lorde in heartbreak mode - but not down and out over losing her lover. Fans ended up at Herne Bay beach to find the song's lyrics being emitted from a lightbox as green lights lit the surroundings. "This is where we begin". (more...)
'Logan' finally gives Wolverine the film he deserves
- March 03, 2017

Grant, Stephen Merchant , Dafne Keen , Eriq La Salle, Elizabeth Rodriguez and Elise Neal. And through almost two decades, ten films, and a lot of shirtless scenes, Jackman has stuck to a strict diet in order to look the part - until now. This new "X-Men" film will not just witness the end of Jackman's character as a mutant superhero, but also for thespian Patrick Stewart as his mentor and father figure in the form of the character Professor Charles Xavier. (more...)
Paul Ryan: 'We're On a Rescue Mission' for Obamacare Paul Ryan: 'We're On a Rescue Mission' for Obamacare
- March 01, 2017

And I think it's going to be something that's going to be really respected". Ryan did not indicate whether a special prosecutor should be involved in the probe but stressed that a bipartisan investigation is necessary to help ensure that the intelligence information gathered is not compromised. (more...)
Qualcomm says they want Windows 10 on ARM to be "credible"
- March 01, 2017

The update is set to release in April in the upcoming Creator's Update. Like its MacOS equivalent, the new feature is implemented through the settings app and allows users to restrict installation of applications as per the source. Corporations can also benefit from the feature and lock down employees' PCs. Kressin also hoped that their Snapdragon 835 processor would end up in Windows Holographic headsets, though there were no solid plans for this yet. (more...)
Foo Fighters To Play Secret Somerset Gig Tonight? Foo Fighters To Play Secret Somerset Gig Tonight?
- February 25, 2017

Foo Fighters were forced to cancel their Glastonbury 2015 appearance after the band's front man Dave Grohl fell and injured himself during a gig in Sweden earlier in June of that year. While another wrote: "I'm so happy". Grohl, 48, paused mid-show to ask the audience how well the band's mysterious revelation had played out. "They've certainly put it on the map now", Eavis added. (more...)
Penalty shootout: Fair Work Commission decides to change penalty rates
- February 25, 2017

Today the Australian Fair Work Commission announced that Sunday penalty rates in a number of industries would be slashed. The Fair Work Commission has decided hospitality and retail workers deserve less pay. Staff at Woolworths and Wesfarmers-owned businesses, including Coles, Kmart, Target, and Bunnings, are employed under wage agreements that expired long before this week's Fair Work Commission ruling on weekend pay. (more...)
Angelina Jolie promotes First They Killed My Father
- February 24, 2017

The last time that fans saw the actress on the big screen was in the 2015 movie " By the Sea " where she starred alongside her now estranged husband Brad Pitt. Sources say she was dropped from Murder on the Orient Express after the director got fed up with her months of back and forth script notes. The film also picked up an Academy Award nomination for best costume design. (more...)
Pep Guardiola says Monaco win is why Manchester City wanted him Pep Guardiola says Monaco win is why Manchester City wanted him
- February 23, 2017

A penalty was awarded, but Caballero made amends for his earlier error by guessing the right way and smothering Falcao's low, weak attempt. City manager Pep Guardiola was pleased to have gotten the win, but acknowledged that his team will have to play better in its own end in the next leg. (more...)
Worldwide action movie 'The Great Wall' represents a failed compromise Worldwide action movie 'The Great Wall' represents a failed compromise
- February 19, 2017

When a mercenary warrior (Damon) is imprisoned within The Great Wall, he discovers the mystery behind one of the greatest wonders of our world. In time, the duo gets caught up in a battle between the Chinese warriors and a supernatural menace that the Great Wall was built to repel. (more...)
Roman Polanski in legal bid to return to United States - lawyer Roman Polanski in legal bid to return to United States - lawyer
- February 19, 2017

A Polish court ruled Polanski has served his time under the plea deal, and now Braun wants the L.A. judge to honor that ruling. In 1977, Los Angeles director Roman Polanski was convicted of raping a 13-year old girl at a Hollywood party and has been on the run ever since but may soon return to the USA for the first time in four decades. (more...)
Justin Bieber Investigated by Cops, Accused of Starting Fist Fight
- February 17, 2017

The victim also claims that he's been trying to settle with Justin's team privately but it has been unsuccessful so he is filing the police report. By the time police arrived, Bieber was gone. Cannon then allegedly reached for Bieber's face to grab the sunglasses and tried to restrain the singer, who caught him with a three punch combo to the face. (more...)
President Trump plans to order a new travel ban next week President Trump plans to order a new travel ban next week
- February 17, 2017

US District Judge James Robart in Seattle suspended the order nationwide after Washington state challenged its legality, eliciting a barrage of angry Twitter messages from Trump against the judge and the court system. Secretary Kelly said that all is going well with very few problems. The immigration order, issued on January 27, led to confusion in US airports and prompted worldwide protests and complaints from businesses. (more...)
Adele's Grammys antics had sour tang of the one-trick pony
- February 15, 2017

The Grammys have played host to several controversies in the past, but this year's edition was a confluence of emotions, magic and well , womanhood, all thanks to these two ladies. But the best was yet to come. "I felt like it was her time to win", she said, revealing that she had voted for her. And as they say, rest is history. (more...)
A Netflix study shows more couples are 'cheat-watching' A Netflix study shows more couples are 'cheat-watching'
- February 14, 2017

Netflix cheat-watching infographic, that shows 46 percent of streaming couples admit to cheat-watching. And that isn't the end of the cheating: 60% of Netflix users say that that would continue to cheat if they were assured they could get away with it. (more...)
Former NH AG: 'Allegations of voter fraud in NH are baseless' Former NH AG: 'Allegations of voter fraud in NH are baseless'
- February 13, 2017

Weintraub called the allegation "astonishing" and noted that if true, the voter fraud would constitute thousands of felony criminal offenses under New Hampshire law. President Donald Trump is now questioning the legitimacy of a sitting senator's election victory, according to a report from Politico . Ayotte was present because she is leading the "Sherpa" team that is shepherding Gorsuch during the confirmation process. (more...)
Thandie Newton Eyes Han Solo Movie Role! Thandie Newton Eyes Han Solo Movie Role!
- February 13, 2017

Variety's exclusive says that the actress and the powers-that-be involved with the Han Solo movie are in negotiations. Slated for a May 25, 2018 release, the Han Solo movie will be executive produced by Lawrence Kasdan and Jason McGatlin and co-produced by Will Allegra. (more...)
Friday night: See lunar eclipse, green comet and full moon
- February 11, 2017

EST (0255 GMT on February 11); the peak eclipse takes place at 7:43 p.m. EST (0034 GMT on February 11). During a penumbral eclipse , only the outer shadow of the earth, the penumbra , falls across the face of the moon. Europe will have the best seats in viewing the eclipse and the moon and so does the Middle East. The best time to look upward is 7:43 pm Eastern Time. (more...)
Model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley pregnant with Jason Statham's baby
- February 10, 2017

Even more attractive, her baby bump is already super visible. And looking back at her recent Instagram photos, we probably should've figured that all those above-the-shoulder selfies of her meant something - because come on, you don't have a body like hers and only post close-ups. (more...)
Prince Harry beats Will and Kate in charity race
- February 06, 2017

Heads Together is a charity which is backed by the royals and aims to promote mental well-being in young people . The runners who were present at the training session will all be raising money for the mental health charities, when they participate in the London Marathon in late April this year. (more...)
Body found near Canadian filmmaker's last location off Keys, Coast Guard says
- February 05, 2017

The US coast guard said the body was found around 300ft from where the 37-year-old went missing off the Florida Keys. The U.S. Navy, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Florida wildlife officials, a county sheriff's office and civilian volunteers have joined the Coast Guard in the search for Stewart , using ships, helicopters, airplanes, dive teams and sonar equipment, the Coast Guard said. (more...)
Creative Resources for Teachers Celebrating Black History Month
- February 03, 2017

Popular Video A judge looked this inmate straight in the eyes and said something that left the entire courtroom in tears. Perhaps hearing so much about the historic oppression of the African-American community made Trump reflect on the oppression he himself faced in the media. (more...)
Kim Kardashian's stolen jewelry melted down to metal bars
- February 01, 2017

This is insane! The search for Kim Kardashian's millions of dollars worth of stolen jewelry may prove fruitless, as the robbery suspects have allegedly told Parisian police that it's been melted down. If Kim Kardashian is hoping to one day retrieve her four million engagement or the 20-carat emerald sparkler, she could be in luck. She was held at gunpoint and robbed inside of a hotel. (more...)
Selena Gomez & The Weeknd Embrace During Museum Visit in Italy
- January 30, 2017

Selena was stunningly casual in a red sweatshirt, jeans and cunning black stilettos, while The Weeknd stuck to his everyday style with a denim jacket, black jeans and a white baseball cap. The singer is now making new music with the love of her life. If being in a happy romance with The Weeknd means she has to end certain friendships, she's totally fine with that. (more...)
Céline Dion and Gwen Stefani are teaming up on 'The Voice' Céline Dion and Gwen Stefani are teaming up on 'The Voice'
- January 29, 2017

John Legend will be helping Adam Levine's team this season, while Blake will get some help from his close pal Luke Bryan. It is so easy for them to fall into the trap of mimicking their idols, but with Stefani and Dion guiding one of the groups, they are getting advice from two women who have built their careers around pushing the definition of pop music to fit their own needs as artists. (more...)
Shia LaBeouf returns to protest after assault arrest Shia LaBeouf returns to protest after assault arrest
- January 28, 2017

Angered, LaBeouf grabbed at the man's scarf and in the process scratched his face. It is unclear what the man said that upset LaBeouf. LaBeouf will be facing a misdemeanor charge and it's not now known what caused the altercation. The actor was arrested earlier today (around 12.30 AM EST), and accused of assaulting a man at the anti-Trump protest. On Sunday, a man approached LaBeouf and said "1488", a neo-Nazi slogan . (more...)
Madonna Has Applied To Adopt Two More Children
- January 27, 2017

The Vogue singer reportedly appeared before Justice Fiona Mwale on 25 January, accompanied by two unidentified children and flanked by a security team. Last year, she became embroiled in a nine-month custody battle over Rocco with ex-husband Guy Ritchie. In December, Madonna raised more than $7.5m for Raising Malawi at a benefit gig and auction at which she grabbed headlines by saying Donald Trump made her "ashamed to be an American". (more...)